Maderista Reserva Medium Dry NV

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A natural fortified wine with overripe stone fruit flavors, notes of nuts and oak, fresh acidity, and a lightly-sweet finish!


Apricots, figs, caramel, and walnuts!


  • 18


  • NV


  • Red

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Madeira, Portugal


The Producer

About The Madeira Wine Company

"The Madeira Wine Company, S.A. was originally an association of a number of Madeira wine producing companies, who decided to join forces in order to strengthen their purchasing and wine making abilities. This Association was founded in 1913. During the inter-war years the old family firms of Blandy’s and Leacock joined, followed immediately post war by Miles and Cossart Gordon, thereby creating the largest producer and exporter of Madeira wine. Whatever the size, the maintaining of the unique characteristics and style of each individual firm was at the chore of the association." - Madeira Wine Company

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