Producer Profile

Soma Vines

Daisy Merrick and Antoine Lucchesi have emerged as a dynamic force in the natural wine sphere through their endeavor, Soma Vines. Daisy, leveraging her background in importing and distribution, teamed up with Antoine, a seasoned winemaker, in 2020. United by their shared enthusiasm for natural wines, they embarked on a negociant project, sourcing grapes from like-minded winemakers in Germany. Since 2022, their focus has been solely on German vineyards, ensuring meticulous quality control and fostering support for local growers.

What sets Soma Vines apart is their steadfast commitment to minimal intervention.

Where The Wines Come From


Calling all wine lovers! Rheinhessen, Germany's biggest wine region, is like a fun, chilled-out party compared to other fancy wine areas. Here, rolling hillsides soaked with sunshine grow a dizzying variety of grapes, mainly white. Think refreshing Rieslings, crisp Silvaners, and even some playful newcomers. Don't be surprised if you hear about a Scheurebe or two – they were invented right here by a pioneering professor! Rheinhessen is all about experimentation and easy-drinking wines that'll make you want to linger under the summer sun with a glass in hand.