Producer Profile


Sant’Or wines, overseen by local grower Panagiotis Dimitropoulos near Patra, Greece, epitomizes a commitment to biodynamic viticulture and the revival of indigenous grape varieties. Cultivating 4.5 hectares of vineyards at an altitude of 600 meters without irrigation, Panagiotis focuses on two unique varietals: the rare Santameriana white grape and the renowned Mavrodafni red grape, historically celebrated for its sweet wines but now showcased in impressive dry vinifications. As one of the few growers cultivating Santameriana and crafting dry monovarietal Mavrodafni, Panagiotis embodies a dedication to preserving local traditions and raising awareness of indigenous grapes. In his pursuit of authenticity, he employs dry, biodynamic vinification methods.

santor winemaker

Where The Wines Come From


In the picturesque region of Achaia, Greece, a burgeoning natural wine movement is gaining momentum amidst the lush landscapes and sun-soaked vineyards. Winemakers in Achaia embrace sustainable viticulture practices, cultivating indigenous grape varieties with meticulous care and a deep reverence for the land. The wines of Achaia reflect the region's unique terroir, offering a captivating array of flavors that range from crisp, mineral-driven whites to robust, full-bodied reds, each bottle a testament to the region's rich winemaking heritage and ancient traditions. With a commitment to minimal intervention in the cellar, these wines showcase a raw purity and vibrancy, inviting enthusiasts to explore the distinctive and dynamic world of Achaia's natural wines with every sip.