Producer Profile

Papras Bio Wines

Papras Bio Wines  is operated by the Papras family. Stergios Papras, the family’s oenologist, has been a pioneer of organic viticulture in Greece. The family’s vineyards have been certified organic since 1990, one of the first to receive organic certification in Greece. The focus is on sparkling wines and the local “Black Muscat of Tyrnavos“. The terroir and the breeze from the nearby mount Olympus, make Tyrnavos ideal for sparkling and aromatic wines.- Eklektikon

Where The Wines Come From


Tyrnavos, located in the Thessaly region of Greece, has a burgeoning reputation for natural wine production. Here, amidst the scenic landscapes of Mount Olympus, indigenous grape varieties like Limniona, Xinomavro, and Assyrtiko thrive in the region's fertile soils and temperate climate. Natural winemakers in Tyrnavos are deeply rooted in the land, practicing organic and biodynamic farming methods to nurture healthy vines and preserve the region's biodiversity. In the cellar, they employ minimalist techniques, allowing the grapes to ferment spontaneously with native yeasts and minimal sulfur usage, resulting in wines that authentically express the terroir of Tyrnavos. The resulting wines are vibrant, aromatic, and full of character, with a sense of place that reflects the unique landscapes of the region. Whether enjoyed with traditional Greek cuisine or savored on their own, natural wines from Tyrnavos offer a taste of Greece's winemaking heritage and a glimpse into the future of sustainable viticulture.