Producer Profile

Orsi San Vito

In 2005, driven by his passion for winemaking, Federico Orsi acquired Azienda Agricola San Vito. Though he spent his formative years in Brazil, he was born in Bologna, just a short 30-minute drive from Monteveglio, where the estate resides. Inspired by his surroundings, he swiftly transitioned the estate to biodynamic farming in its inaugural year. Subsequently, he embraced a philosophy of minimal intervention, and by 2009, all wines were vinified accordingly.

Where The Wines Come From


Natural wine from Puglia captures the essence of Italy's sun-drenched southern region, known for its rich culinary heritage and ancient winemaking traditions. Nestled amidst the olive groves and rolling hills of the Adriatic coast, Puglia's vineyards thrive under the Mediterranean sun and cooling sea breezes. Here, a new generation of winemakers is embracing organic and biodynamic practices, cultivating grapes with a deep respect for the land and its natural rhythms. With minimal intervention in the cellar, Puglia's natural wines showcase the vibrant flavors and rustic charm of indigenous grape varieties like Primitivo, Negroamaro, and Nero di Troia. From lively and fruit-forward reds to crisp and aromatic whites, each bottle tells a story of the region's ancient viticultural heritage and its commitment to sustainability, inviting drinkers to savor the true essence of Puglia in every sip.