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For generations, the Da Ros family has called the small town of Sarmede in Veneto home. In 2009, brothers Andrea and Daniele Da Ros decided to establish "Masot - Fiabe di vino," blending the teachings of their grandfather Arturo with their education from the prestigious "Cerletti" school of oenology in Conegliano. The name "Masot" translates to "small landowner," a nickname for the Da Ros family for many years. Through this venture, they honor their family tradition while focusing on respectful stewardship of the land. - Savio Soares

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Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of northeastern Italy, Veneto's natural wine scene emerges as a testament to the region's rich winemaking heritage and progressive spirit. From the rolling hills of Valpolicella to the sun-kissed vineyards of Soave, Veneto's winemakers are redefining tradition by embracing organic and biodynamic principles in their viticulture practices. With a deep reverence for the land and a commitment to minimal intervention, these artisans coax out the true essence of the indigenous grape varieties, resulting in wines that pulsate with vitality and character. From lively orange wines to elegant reds and crisp whites, Veneto's natural wines offer a sensorial journey that reflects both the diversity of the terroir and the passion of the winemakers who call this enchanting region home.