Producer Profile

Fabio Ferracane

I have a long history with wine. My father inherited 3 hectares of vineyard from my grandfather, and in the 90s, he mostly sold the grapes to other wineries in the Marsala area. Wine production was limited to family consumption. My earliest memories in the cellar date back to when I was 15, helping my father produce those few bottles. After a couple of years, I decided to study oenology and viticulture, gaining experience in a few wineries, some of which were abroad.

During my university studies, I learned that wine is a biochemical process, but I soon realized that I saw wine differently. The image of the winemaker staying in the cellar, adjusting the wine, modifying it, assembling it, often tasting it, and deciding whether or not to improve it – that's just not me!


Where The Wines Come From


Sicily is the ultimate wine playground, an island paradise where fiery Mount Etna meets cool ocean breezes. Think sunshine-soaked grapes ripening in volcanic soil, bold reds like Nero d'Avola (think juicy black cherry) and fragrant whites like Grillo (hello, citrus!). Beyond the classics, there's a treasure trove of unique native grapes. It's a place where history swirls in your glass, from ancient Greek techniques to delicious sun-dried Marsala. A beach bum's haven, and a wine lover's playground, all rolled into one!

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