Producer Profile

Domaine Le Bout du Monde

Edouard Laffitte's journey from the cooperative cellar of Estézargues to establishing Domaine Le Bout du Monde in the Pyrénées-Orientales reflects his passion for working the land. With Loïc Roure's offer to share the old cooperative cellar in Lansac, Edouard found his foothold, focusing on altitude and north-facing vines to preserve freshness and fruitiness while limiting alcohol content. The 7.7-hectare domain spans Lansac, Rasiguères, and Cassagnes, with vineyards on granite arenas, schists, and gneiss soils respectively. Embracing natural winemaking, including hand harvesting, carbonic maceration, and low-temperature vinification without filtration, Domaine Le Bout du Monde embodies a commitment to terroir-driven, artisanal wines.

Where The Wines Come From

Vin de France

Vin de France, formerly known as Vin de Table, is a designation used for French wines that do not fall within specific regional or varietal classifications. This category allows winemakers the freedom to experiment and innovate, making it a popular choice for natural winemaking practices. With Vin de France, winemakers have the flexibility to use grapes from different regions, allowing for a wide range of styles and expressions. Natural winemakers in this category often prioritize organic and biodynamic farming methods, eschewing chemical additives and focusing on minimal intervention in the cellar. As a result, Vin de France wines can vary greatly in style, from crisp and vibrant whites to complex and aromatic reds. They often showcase the terroir and the unique character of the grapes used, offering a diverse and exciting range of flavors. Vin de France wines are increasingly sought after by consumers looking for authentic, terroir-driven wines that reflect the creativity and passion of the winemaker.