Producer Profile

Domaine Blanc Plume

Domaine Blanc Plume embodies a commitment to stewardship, recognizing that we are merely temporary custodians of our children's land. With reverence for nature's resilience and a return to agricultural fundamentals, our vineyard embraces the principles of biodynamics, fostering harmony between soil and vines. Treading the path of tradition, we reintroduce animal traction for our oldest vines, some aged 80 years. Nestled in the heart of the future Corbières Fenouillèdes Regional Natural Park, our vineyard is a sanctuary for diverse bird species, including the majestic Milan Royal. Like an unwritten page awaiting the author's pen, each vintage of Blanc Plume wine offers a new chapter to be written and shared. With Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Syrah, Carignan, Merlot, Cabernet Franc.

Where The Wines Come From


In the rugged landscapes of Roussillon, natural winemaking is a testament to the region's wild beauty and rich viticultural heritage. Tucked away in the southeastern corner of France, bordering Spain and the Mediterranean Sea, Roussillon boasts a diverse terroir of rocky hillsides, sun-drenched plains, and coastal breezes. Here, amidst ancient vineyards, winemakers embrace organic and biodynamic farming practices, cultivating indigenous grape varieties such as Grenache Noir, Carignan, and Mourvèdre with care and respect for the land. In the cellar, minimal intervention is the guiding principle, with spontaneous fermentations and aging in neutral vessels allowing the true expression of the grapes and terroir to shine through. The resulting natural wines from Roussillon are a reflection of the region's rugged beauty, with their bold flavors, intense aromas, and a sense of place that captures the spirit of this enchanting corner of France.