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Bodega Murga

The winemaking endeavor, known as 'Joyas de Murga,' originated from a conversation between friends Alberto and Arturo, both fervent enthusiasts of wine and pisco. Alberto Di Laura, affectionately known as ""El Caballero del Pisco,"" revered for his mastery as a pisco distiller, prioritizes grape quality, emphasizing that ""distillation commences in the vineyards."" The decision to produce chemical-free wines was made in 2017, with Pietra Possamai, a talented Brazilian winemaker, spearheading the winemaking process.

What distinguishes this winemaker is their steadfast dedication to tradition, sustainability, and excellence.

Bodega Murga Winemaker

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Peru, with its rich cultural heritage and diverse terroirs, is increasingly gaining recognition for its emerging natural wine scene. From the high-altitude vineyards of the Andes to the coastal plains and fertile valleys, Peru's winemakers embrace a philosophy of minimal intervention and sustainable viticulture, allowing indigenous grape varieties like Quebranta, Negra Criolla, and Torontel to thrive. With a focus on organic farming methods and traditional winemaking techniques, Peru's natural wines often showcase vibrant fruit flavors, crisp acidity, and a sense of terroir that reflects the country's varied landscapes and microclimates. As interest in natural wines continues to grow both domestically and internationally, Peru stands poised to showcase its potential as a dynamic and innovative wine-producing nation, offering wine enthusiasts the opportunity to discover and savor unique and authentic expressions of Peruvian winemaking.