Bodega Murga

The winemaking venture, known as 'Joyas de Murga,' was born from a conversation between friends Alberto and Arturo, both passionate about wine and pisco. Alberto Di Laura, nicknamed "El Caballero del Pisco," renowned for his expertise as a pisco distiller, ensures the quality of the grapes, emphasizing that "distillation begins in the vineyards." The decision to produce chemical-free wines arose in 2017, with Pietra Possamai, a skilled Brazilian winemaker, leading the winemaking process.

What makes this winemaker special is their unwavering commitment to tradition, sustainability, and quality. Alberto's alchemical touch extends to the production of pisco, using electrolytic copper stills of his design. In the vineyards, there are no pesticides or herbicides, and the use of stainless steel tanks, concrete eggs, terracotta amphoras, and oak barrels free of toxic elements in the winemaking process reflects their dedication to natural practices. Tasting their wines is an invitation to experience the fun complexity born from Pietra Possamai's creativity, love for nature, and professional expertise, all while embracing a chemical-free winemaking philosophy deeply rooted in tradition and quality.