Producer Profile


Mario Rovira, a winemaker from Cataluña, boasts an extensive and diverse winemaking journey across renowned wine regions. His expertise in enology and agronomy, cultivated in Tarragona, expanded through international ventures in New Zealand, Sancerre, Napa Valley, and Bordeaux. This global exposure enriched his repertoire with diverse winemaking techniques and perspectives.

What distinguishes Rovira is his dedication to crafting precise wines that authentically convey their terroir. Fueled by a passion for expressing a sense of place, his wines are marked by fresh acidity and balanced alcohol levels. Upon returning to Spain, Rovira embarked on a quest to find the perfect location to realize his winemaking vision.

Where The Wines Come From


Nestled within the rugged landscapes of northwest Spain, Bierzo is emerging as a captivating destination for natural wine enthusiasts. This picturesque region, characterized by its rolling hills and ancient vineyards, is renowned for its commitment to sustainable viticulture and traditional winemaking practices. Embracing indigenous grape varieties like Mencía and Godello, alongside lesser-known treasures, Bierzo's natural winemakers prioritize minimal intervention in both the vineyard and cellar, allowing the grapes to express their truest essence. With a focus on organic farming methods and hand-harvesting, Bierzo's natural wines often exhibit vibrant acidity, expressive fruit flavors, and a sense of terroir that reflects the region's rich cultural heritage and rugged beauty. As the natural wine movement continues to flourish, Bierzo stands as a beacon of authenticity and innovation, offering a taste of Spain's winemaking traditions reimagined for the modern palate.