November 2023 | 6 Bottle Club

Welcome to the November 6 Bottle Club from MYSA Natural Wine!

A note from our founder: 

Welcome to November, the holidays are upon us and we have some GREAT wines for Thanksgiving, along with some super mysig (cozy) wines for sitting by the fire or drinking while you put up your holiday decor (no judgement if you already did lol!) Have a great holiday season, y'all are who we are most Thankful for here ay MYSA <3

-Holly, Founder - MYSA Natural Wine

  1. Itata “Pipeño” - Catalina Ugarte
  2. La Araucaria Tinto - Dolores Cabrera
  3. Morgon - Thibault Ducroux
  4. Tokaji Hárslevelű - Carpinus
  5. Morgen Edition 2 - Meinklang
  6. Hippolyte Blanc - Pierre Bories
  7. Wine Evaluation Sheet

Itata “Pipeño” - Catalina Ugarte

Itata - Chile



Itata "Pipeño" by Catalina Ugarte natural red wine presents bright red fruit flavors of cherries and red plums, boasting an inviting, aromatic bouquet. Balanced acidity and minimal tannins create a refreshing and easy-drinking experience with subtle herbal notes, culminating in a clean and memorable finish. Truly captures the essence of Itata's unique winemaking tradition!

Pairings: Beef Pot Roast, Wild Mushroom Stroganoff, Apple Pie with Cinnamon Ice Cream

Serving Temperature: 55°- 60°F

About Catalina Ugarte

Catalina Ugarte Winemaker

Catalina Ugarte, a young winemaker with training from Italy, Spain, and Chile, embraces Chile's viticultural heritage, focusing on the unique País grape and ancient vines of the Itata Valley. Her País wine, crafted from centenarian vines, and the intriguing Pet Nat from 50-year-old vines, tell stories of hand-harvested grapes, native yeast fermentations, and minimal intervention. These wines embody a remarkable blend of tradition and innovation, perfect for a Thanksgiving toast.

La Araucaria Tinto - Dolores Cabrera

Canary Islands - Spain


A perfect expression of volcanic Canary Island terroir with red and black fruits, pepper, deep florals and a lovely smokiness! You'll want to grill some meats or a pulpo to perfectly pair this wine.

Pairings: Herb-Infused Roast Chicken, Duck à la Figs, Cranberry-Maple Salmon

Serving Instructions: 55°- 60°F 

About Dolores Cabrera

Dolores Cabrera Winemaker

Dolores Cabrera Fernández, inspired by Elysium, creates a vinicultural paradise in the Canary Islands. Rooted in this historic winemaking region, her passion shines through her centenarian vineyards, producing distinctive Listán Negro wines. Dolores' cellar overlooks the Atlantic Ocean, cultivating the extraordinary. Each bottle is a testament to her dedication, offering a glimpse into her paradise, complete with bountiful produce, fresh goat cheese, and profound Listán Negro, a taste of Elysium here on Earth.

Morgon - Thibault Ducroux

Beaujolais - France


Video Coming Soon!


A pale purple natural red wine with ripe berry aromas, notes of pepper, high acidity, low tannins, and a peppery finish.

Pairings: Caramelized Chicken Wings, Lemon Butter Fish, Hafod Homity Pie

Serving Temperature: 55°- 62°F

About Thibault Ducroux

Thibault Ducroux Winemaker


Thibault's passion for winemaking ignited in his father's Beaujolais cellar as a young boy. His pursuit of natural wine was kindled by the pioneering work of Jules Chauvet, the "father of natural winemaking." Inspired, Thibault studied viticulture and oenology, then deepened his knowledge alongside Beaujolais trailblazers. He honed his craft at Julien Sunier's estate, embracing organic viticulture and natural winemaking. In 2019, he introduced his first wine, "En Roue Libre" - a tribute to his love for cycling and hands-off winemaking. Thibault's journey continues as he tends to old Gamay vines, crafting wines that reflect terroir and purity. His dedication and youthful enthusiasm promise a bright future for this emerging natural winemaker in the heart of Beaujolais.

Tokaji Hárslevelű - Carpinus

Tokaj - Hungary



Carpinus' Hárslevelű White Wine is a sensory journey through Hungary's vineyards, offering delicate orchard blossom fragrances and lively citrus zest with hints of lemon and lime. Subtle golden honeyed tones enhance its complexity, while a mineral elegance lingers, creating a balanced and memorable tasting experience.

Pairings: Sautéed Brussels Sprouts with Bacon, Pear and Walnut Salad, Honey Lavender Crème Brûléé

Serving Instructions: 38°- 45°F


About Carpinus

Carpinus Winemaker

 “Carpinus, guided by the dedicated siblings Edit and István Bai, exemplifies the essence of family and a profound link to Tokaj. Overseeing seven vineyards across 7 hectares, these fervent winemakers prioritize uncompromising quality. They are champions of organic farming, stringent quality criteria, and the progression of Tokaj's winemaking. Their devotion safeguards the region's rich legacy while welcoming modern innovations.

Morgen Edition 2 - Meinklang

Burgenland - Austria



A sparkling rosé natural wine with well-balanced stone fruits, lushful red berries, and tropical fruit flavors, inviting fragrant floral aromas, fresh and lively acidity with a clean and memorable finish, leaving a touch of sweetness that complements the fruit-forward nature of the wine. A perfect choice for those seeking a delightful and elegant sparkling wine experience

Pairings: Pork Tenderloin with Apple Compote, Mushroom & Brie Stuffed Acorn Squash, Pumpkin Panna Cotta

Serving Temperature: 55°- 60°F

About Meinklang

Meinklang Winemaker

Nestled within the World Heritage Site of National Park Neusiedlersee, Meinklang is an authentic family-run mixed farm. It thrives at the intersection of nature and tradition, with a local cow herd providing vital fertilizer. The farm boasts a rich diversity of ancient grains, orchards, vegetable gardens, wild meadows, and grapevines, celebrating the complexity of life and producing exceptional wines in the heart of the Eastern Neusiedlersee Lake region.

Hippolyte Blanc - Pierre Bories

Languedoc - France



Hippolyte Blanc by Pierre Bories is a delightful white wine with crisp green apple and citrus fruit flavors. Its aromatic profile is redolent with zesty lemon and lime notes, supported by vibrant acidity. The wine concludes with a refreshing finish, making it a perfect choice for those seeking a lively and invigorating white wine experience.

Pairings:  Salmon with Hollandaise Sauce, Lemon Garlic Shrimp Scampi, Cider-Glazed Ham

Serving Instructions: 44°- 55°F

About Pierre Bories

The Bories family, seasoned winemakers in Corbières, began their legacy in 1896, erecting a storied winery from estate quarry stone. Nestled in the heart of Boutenac, their Domaine earned the prestigious 'cru' status in 2005, signifying the region's finest. Jacqueline and François Bories, in the 1980s, expanded vineyards while preserving and enhancing old plots. Ollieux Romanis boasts some of the oldest vines in the region, including 50-100-year-old Carignan, complemented by Syrah, Grenache noir, Mourvèdre, and other Mediterranean varieties. While yet to be formally certified, their commitment to sustainable viticulture shines.



Wine Evaluation Sheet

Want to have some fun evaluating and taking note on your wine? Check out our natural wine tasting sheets we made special for the club!