Welcome to the August 6 Bottle Club from MYSA Natural Wine!


A note from our founder:

Welcome to the club! We are honored to have you and so excited to start this natural wine journey with you :)

This month we have wines perfect for the hotter months with a crisp, complex whites and sparklings, lighter reds, and 2 versions of bubbles that will make you stoked to pop them off and enjoy the sunny days!

Find out more about all of them below and drink along with me!

- Holly Berrigan, Founder, MYSA Natural Wine 

  1. Grotta di Sole - Clos Marfisi
  2. Castellar Cava - Celler Vilafranca
  3. Darla - Swick Wines
  4. Romeo Red - Loop de Loop
  5. Beaujolais - Cambon
  6. Dino Fizzy Red - Everything is OK
  7. Wine Evaluation Sheet
  8. Maryjane Madeline - Emme Wines (some boxes)
  9. Sarel - Nomad Wines (some boxes)

Grotta di Sole - Clos Marfisi

Patrimonio - France


A thought provoking wine and one of the best representations of what we would enjoy sipping in early Spring. Comes from the French island, Corsica. Produced by a brother and sister duo, who are 5th generation winemakers. On the nose, citrus, creaminess, lemon meringue, tart green apple, and a touch of minerality. Lovely and round on the palate. The texture and feel is light and bright yet still complex. Medium acidity. Best paired with a lemony dish, such as a crisp arugula salad drizzled with a lemon vinaigrette and topped with salmon. You could also try lemon roasted chicken, asparagus, a soft cheese board. Stay away from fried foods, pizza, fries, or even ham. Play with the fact that this has a really nice acidic backbone, is complex, and it's not just your regular Glou Glou!

Pairings: Pasta, Lean Fish, Cured Meat

Serving Temperature: 48°-52°

About Clos Marfisi


If you aren’t familiar with Corsica, the main event is Patrimonio. This AOC covers 400ha with half of them being owned by the two largest producers, and the other half split up amongst 30 smaller growers. If you haven’t already guessed, Clos Marfisi is part of the latter. Brother and sister, Mathieu and Julie are fifth generation at the helm of this estate, having taken over from their father, Touissant, when Julie returned in 2001, and her brother in 2012, from having careers elsewhere in France.

Now, we thought that we had seen it all in terms of limestone, but Corsica takes the cake. Clos Marfisi’s vineyards (which Touissant planted about 40-50 years ago) rise up from the Mediterranean with southern and western exposures on steep slopes that are practically white with large chunks of broken up limestone. Seriously impressive. Equally impressive is the fact that they never gave into outside pressure and the entirety of the estate is planted to local varieties, so you won’t find any Grenache here. Their father is still very active in the vineyards, and is the main reason that this estate has never been touched by pesticides or herbicides, which were shunned for one reason or another by previous generations of vignerons on the island. This commitment to organics continues and the estate will be certified Bio by the 2018 vintage. Vestiges of the old guard remain in the cellar as well where native yeasts have always been used for fermentations, and sulfur levels are kept to a minimum.

As president of the Patrimonio AOC, Mathieu has a clear vision for where the estate is headed, and we like what we are seeing. Their commitment to honoring the past while shaping their own future is incredibly exciting to us.
- Selection Massale

Castellar Cava - Celler Vilafranca

Catalunya - Spain


Fine n bubbly! From one of the largest vineyard owners in the region of Penedés. Aged for 12 months on the lees. Aromas of green apple and citrus. On the palate, fresh with citruses such as lime and a hint of sweetness.

Pairings: Tapas, Appetizers, Seafood

Serving Instructions: 42°- 48° 

About Celler Vilafranca 

"Celler Vilafranca is owned by 100 associated grape growers. Consisting of 2053 acres of vineyards, comprising 3% of the entire Penedès DO.

Location: Zone 5, northeast Spain, a few miles south of Barcelona in the Alt Penedès sub-region of the Penedes DO. Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, at 577ft. the vineyards and the winery are located in the town of Vilafranca del Penedès. Where vines, which existed prior to the 4th century BC, were introduced by the Ancient Greeks.

Climate: The average temperature between April and October is 66'F higher than the standard in Zone 5, and with rainfall amounts of 24 inches annually. The higher temperatures induce greater amounts of sugar, while the altitude and rainfall, give greater acid levels, balancing each other, while improving the freshness and the aromas of the wines.

Soil:The topsoil is limestone and sand. The sand provides good drainage into the deeper water-retaining clay subsoil layers, nourishing the vine when necessary. The vines root systems are able to penetrate up to 30 feet through the deep soil in search of water, particularly in times of drought. These soils are relatively poor in organic matter, giving to lower yields per vine, resulting in greater skin to juice ratio per berry. This results in greater intensity and concentration of flavors.

What makes Casteller wines unique? Celler Vilafranca owns 3% of the vine lands within the Penedès DO, resulting in superior quality grapes wine at an amazing price point. Casteller Wines are superb values. Celler Vilafranca's large estate holdings is to a great advantage, allowing them to select the finest grapes from their 2000 plus acres of vines, producing consistent quality wines year after year. - Cream Wines"

Darla - Swick Wines

Oregon - USA


Our exclusive Darla orange Riesling is a special collaboration with Swick Wines! Pure Riesling grown in Washington in the Columbia Valley at 1,600 feet elevation. 30 days spent on the skins followed by foot worked ferments and ageing in neutral French oak barrels for six months. Darla is the name of our Swedish dalahäst logo and she is honored to have a namesake as delicious as this one! On the nose, sweet and strong citrus notes such as lemon lime curd along with floral notes. On the palate, perfect grip and a perfect amount of acidity. Crisp and lean! Try with non spicy Asian Cuisine, nachos, or even chicken wings!

Pairings: Appetizers, Picnic Food, Grilled Chicken

Serving Instructions: 48°- 52° 

About Swick Wines

Joe Swick is a 5th generation Oregonian winemaker who captures the true taste of the Pacific Northwest through his wines. Joe sources his grapes from organic, biodynamic and sustainable vineyards in Oregon and Washington. After years of traveling and harvesting in various pockets of the world, such as Piedmont, Portugal, and Tasmania, Joe returned to Oregon to start his very own label in 2013. He embraces the minimal approach when making his wines such as using native yeasts, aging in old barrels and adding minimal sulphur during bottling—only when absolutely necessary. While Joe started out with a focus on making Oregon Pinot Noir, he now has explored many other grape varietals and experiments with different techniques during élevage. - Swick Wines

Romeo Red - Loop de Loop

Oregon - USA


We love our women winemakers! A bright, fresh, juicy, and energized red blend. Elegant aromatics of bright cherry, and violets. Abundant on the palate with dark fruit qualities from dark cherry and plum, also has a woodsy quality similar to a forest floor. Quite delicate yet complex. Quoted from Loop de Loop themselves,"this Vin de Soif has the energy of a puppy.". Drink by itself or with a charcuterie plate, vegetable stew, or possibly even game.

Pairings: Pasta, Quiche, Charcuterie Plate

Serving Instructions: 48°- 52° 

About Loop de Loop

"Julia Bailey Gulstine started Loop de Loop Wines in 2012 while working with Love and Squalor Wines at Goodfellow Family Cellars. Before that she was introduced to making wine by her grandmother. She was thrilled by the alchemy of it and loved spending time with her grandma doing various tasks a small farm requires. In her 20's she developed a passion for wine while working in some of Portland’s artisanal restaurants. This led to months spent traveling throughout wine regions in France and Italy. Upon returning from that trip she decided to work for a winery. She picked up the yellow pages (back when we still used phone books!) and she made it as far as Argyle Winery. After a couple of years there she joined Patty and Jim at Patricia Green Cellars, as their first employee.

Since then her life has been ""loopy"" journey. She attained her sommelier certification and worked as a wine buyer...learning more and traveling to various wine regions once again. After returning to University to study for a MA in International Relations, she left the wine industry to work for NGOs in Palestine, Israel - with short stints in Sweden and Laos.

​After five long years of living abroad she was homesick for the vineyards of Oregon. In 2011 she returned to work with, and learn from, her friend Matt Berson of Love & Squalor Wines. Then, she dove-in with an enormous leap of faith, and started making Loop de Loop Wines in 2012. Since then she's been tremendously lucky to have the support of her husband and friends throughout the process. - Loop de Loop"

Beaujolais - Cambon

Beaujolais - France


A project from one of the most famous Beaujolais producers Marcel Lapierre, Jean-Claude Chanudet, and Joseph Chamonard, this wine is a textbook example of a beautiful carbonic bojo! Get ready for a fruit bomb! The aromatics are vibrant with bubblegum, banana, strawberry, earth, and fresh juicy red cherry. Pure Glou Glou juice on the palate! Put with your next roasted chicken or turkey, or with your strawberry dessert on V-Day!

Pairings: Turkey, Charcuterie, Vegetarian Dishes

Serving Temperature: 48°-52°

About Cambon

What began as a project of three friends: the late Marcel Lapierre, Jean-Claude Chanudet (With his wife Geneviève) and Joseph Chamonard remains now in the hands of Jean-Claude Chanudet and his wife Geneviève (the daughter of Joseph Chamonard).

The trio purchased this 13 hectare parcel upon realizing that, despite being designated outside the grand cru status, it held prestige beyond title. Planted originally in 1914 in 3 parcels, it is complimented by a mixed soil composition of clayey granite and calcareous-sand. They expanded the plantings to make use of the subtle variations below, and combined the wines to create a harmonious (and amazing) definition of the entire plot. The ‘réserve’ bottling is from the oldest vines, called ‘Le Cambon.’ Following the biodynamic-organic practices they began so long ago, they tend their vines without chemicals or inorganic fertilizers.

Only natural yeasts are used in the cellar, and time is effectively given to the resting wines in the 200 year old foudre casks. Knowing a prized piece in any auction or display takes an artistic and weary eye; perhaps six eyes this time were better than one. No matter, the traditional wines of this overlooked set of vines, caught between Morgon and Brouilly is best tended under the watchful gaze of their rightful owners. - Savio Soares Selections

Dino Fizzy Red - Everything is OK

California - USA


A zero/zero blend of Petit Syrah, Marsanne, and Granache Blanc. Very yummy and fruit-forward. Notes of herbs and red fruit on the nose with a pleasing fizz on the palate. A great wine to enjoy with close friends! 

Pairings: Grilled Meat, Pizza, Tacos

Serving Temperature: 45°- 50° 

About Everything is OK 

"California has huge potential. We work on vineyards ourselves and have a lot of principles when choosing who to work with, but there are many sites where the people know the land better than we ever could. They need to be rewarded with consistent buyers who treat their fruit with care and let it shine. The Richmond collective is building an ecosystem of farms, wines, and customers that can support these people doing right by their farms." - Booker Riley

Wine Evaluation Sheet

Want to have some fun evaluating and taking note on your wine? Check out our natural wine tasting sheets we made special for the club!

Sarel - Nomad Wines

Elgin - South Africa 


100% Syrah from South Africa! Spends 9 months in old oak French barrels before being blended and bottled. A very structured wine that's perfect for hanging out in your cellar for 5-7 years to experience notes of crisp fruit! Or if you prefer spicy, black pepper notes paired with dark fruits leave this wine in your cellar for 5-7 years! Crisp fruit when young and spicy, peppery, and dark fruits when aged!

Pairings: Burger, Roasted Food, Pork

Serving Instructions: 50°- 55° 

About Nomad Wines