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A berry-fruit-forward natural red wine hints of spice, light acidity with cocoa and plums in the finish. Perfect red wine for summer nights!


Cherry, plum, chocolate and clove.


  • 12%


  • 2019


  • Red

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Mostly Classic


Gaillac, France

2P Production Winemakers

The Producer

About 2P

2P Production is a collaborative venture between Romain Plageoles, the youngest of the Plageoles brothers, and his wife, Fanny Papelard. Romain focuses on vineyard management, while Fanny handles the fermentation process and other tasks in the cave during harvest. Together, they make all winemaking decisions as a team. All their wines are vinified at the Plageoles winery. The Plageoles family has had a significant impact on winemaking in the Gaillac region, a legacy that dates back to Romain’s grandfather, Robert. Romain and Fanny are dedicated to continuing this tradition, infusing it with their unique style.

About the Region

Gaillac, France

Gaillac, nestled in the heart of southwest France, is an ancient winemaking region with a growing reputation for natural wines. With its diverse terroir, including limestone, gravel, and clay soils, Gaillac offers an ideal environment for sustainable viticulture. Natural winemakers in Gaillac prioritize organic and biodynamic farming methods, cultivating indigenous grape varieties such as Mauzac, Braucol, and Duras with minimal intervention. By eschewing chemical additives and focusing on natural fermentation, they produce wines that truly express the region's unique character. Gaillac's natural wines are known for their freshness, vibrancy, and complexity, with Mauzac-based whites offering crisp acidity and floral aromatics, Braucol contributing robust tannins and dark berry flavors in red blends, and Duras providing structure and spice. As the demand for authentic and terroir-driven wines continues to grow, Gaillac stands as a beacon of tradition and innovation in the world of natural winemaking, offering a taste of its rich heritage and commitment to quality with every bottle.

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