Voi Vignes

Jason Ligas, the mastermind behind Voi Vignes, stands out as a prominent figure in Greece's natural wine movement. With a rich background rooted in the Ligas family vineyards, where he collaborated with his father and sister, Jason has become a seasoned winemaker with a deep understanding of the craft. His journey extends beyond the family estate, with involvement in diverse winemaking projects on Samos and Tinos, where he served as a consultant and partner to fellow natural winemakers.

Voi Vignes, situated amidst the picturesque vineyards near Mount Olympus, is Jason's latest endeavor. Taking over abandoned vineyards in the old Rapsani appellation, he cultivates three red grape varieties: xinomavro roto, stravroto, and krassato. His commitment to preserving and revitalizing these traditional grape varieties reflects a dedication to Greece's viticultural heritage.

Jason Ligas's winemaking philosophy is deeply intertwined with nature, and he finds profound joy in his vineyards. His goal of expanding Voi to ten hectares illustrates his ambition and passion for crafting exceptional wines. The name "Voï," meaning a roar in Greek, symbolizes the powerful voice emanating from the depths of the sea and earth, conveying a sense of help and a raw, authentic expression that resonates from the heart and soul. Tasting the wines of Voi Vignes is an invitation to experience the unique blend of tradition, terroir, and Jason Ligas's unwavering commitment to natural winemaking.