Società Agricola il Sasso

“The vineyard is where it all begins, 10 hectares in one of the most suitable areas of the historic Valpolicella, 300 meters above sea level. Our vineyards of Corvina, Corvinone and Rondinella are trained in Guyot on south-facing hilly terraces. The ground is rough, almost completely rocky, a few centimeters of grass and then, below, the typical yellow calcarenite often present in the hilly outcrops of Valpolicella. The entire vineyard is cultivated according to the dictates of organic farming and much has been done to increase the biodiversity and vitality of the soil. Constant green manuring and replanting of wild species all around the vineyards have recreated an extremely fertile and vital environment. We choose the best bunches at the right degree of ripeness and harvest by hand, in 7 kg crates." - Società Agricola il Sasso