Bianco d'Allesano 2018

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Deep amber gold and shiny in color, this wine boasts Mediterranean vibes. Spends 4 days on the skin and gives off notes of orange peel, apricot, and hints of spice. Complex on the palate and extremely gluggable. 

Orange peel, apricot, and hints of spice.


  • 10%


  • 2018


  • Orange

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Risotto, Fish, Mature Cheese


Bianco d'Alessano

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Puglia, Italy

petracavallo winemaker

The Producer

About Petracavallo

Enthusiasm and experience. It all started as a joke, almost a bet between Vito and his father. Vito is a young winemaker in love with the vineyard, the land and the desire to produce a wine as artisanal as possible, like the one his grandfather had him taste as a child. Then there’s his father, Peppino, a winemaker with years of experience behind him. To them producing a natural and handcrafted wine means this: to produce a wine that is the expression of the terroir in which it develops, treating the earth and the vineyard with the utmost respect, following the grape in the various stages of its transformation from a raw material to a drink bottled and ready to be consumed, with its own story to savor and enjoy. Petracavallo’s wines are made from grapes grown in vineyards with ancient methods, not treated with pesticides, hand harvested, using spontaneous fermentation, no filtering, no fining, and no enzymes with only a small amount of sulfur added at bottling. - Minum Selections