Mae Son

exceptional wines under two notable brands—Cantina Furlani and Mae Son. Cantina Furlani places a focus on spumante wines, showcasing Matteo's expertise in crafting effervescent delights. Meanwhile, the Mae Son label, a collaborative effort with export manager Claudio Coronato and Jenny and Francois Selections, pays homage to the significance of family and their meticulous winemaking approach.

Matteo's meticulous winemaking process is exemplified in the production of his Muller Thurgau wine. Harvested by hand in early September, the grapes undergo a unique method of destemming by hand. A prolonged period of 20-25 days of skin contact follows, and the wine spontaneously ferments in open-top steel vats. Maturing in stainless steel until April, the final product is a testament to Matteo's commitment to minimal intervention winemaking—unfined, unfiltered, and with no added sulfur dioxide. Tasting Matteo Furlani's wines offers a glimpse into the artistry and care embedded in each bottle, making it a compelling choice for those seeking a genuine and unadulterated expression of the vineyard's terroir.