Domaine des Moriers

François de Nicolay, the visionary behind Domaine des Moriers, upholds the essence of Beaujolais winemaking traditions. Inheriting the vineyards in 1980, he crafts wines of unparalleled elegance on the slopes of Mount Brouilly. The estate's diverse soils—granite, schist, and clay—impart a unique finesse. With minimal intervention, grapes ferment naturally, aging in oak barrels for up to 18 months. The result: rich, characterful wines reflecting the region's terroir. Domaine des Moriers offers Beaujolais-Villages, Fleurie, and Morgon, acclaimed for elegance and minerality, earning global recognition with Silver Medals and commendations. A hidden gem in Fleurie, the winery seamlessly merges tradition and modernity, making it a must for those seeking wines embodying terroir reverence and unwavering excellence.