Cal Xurriu

Agustí Costa and Paula Sandoval of Cal Xurriu, nestled in the hilltops near Barcelona, epitomize the essence of natural winemaking in Alt Penedès. Agustí, a passionate winemaker from a grape-growing lineage, prioritizes micro plots or "special vineyards" over mass production, uncovering Penedès' magic often overlooked for bulk wine. Together with Paula, they explore hidden biophysical colosseums accessible only by foot, fostering an ecosystem of wildflowers, asparagus, rosemary, and olive trees alongside 100-year-old vines.

Agustí's reverence for nature reflects in his unorthodox approach. He allows seemingly competitive plants to thrive, inviting wild goats and boar into the vineyards. In a heartfelt moment, a channel of wind surrounded him, a vineyard embrace that moved him to tears. His cool demeanor hides genuine vulnerability and compassion; his love for farming is evident in wines that mirror his character—delicate, vivacious, and brimming with care. Tasting Cal Xurriu wines is an invitation to experience the terroir's love and Agustí's devotion, a journey into the untouched soul of Alt Penedès.