Brutes Cider

Bonded over their shared passion for natural wine, the close-knit group behind Brutes has embarked on a unique journey to encapsulate the essence of terroir in the fruit-rich landscapes of Sweden, where apple trees outnumber people. Transforming forgotten orchards on the islands of Lake Mälaren, just outside Stockholm, Brutes handpicks apples and pears, allowing them to macerate before pressing—an approach reminiscent of the artistry behind "orange" wines. Their philosophy, summed up in the mantra "apples are our grapes," permeates their entire winemaking process.

What sets Brutes apart is their commitment to wild fermentation, an unadulterated process where nothing is added or taken away. This results in a living, evolving beverage that matures over time, weaving through various stages before settling into a harmonious balance. The diverse palette of wild and garden fruits, including sloe, blueberry, crabapple, pear, cherries, quince, and aronia, is utilized in creating a range of ciders and fruit pet’nats that not only reflect the terroir but also challenge and redefine traditional notions of wine. Brutes' wines are not just a sip; they are an exploration, an invitation to reconsider and savor the vibrant flavors born from the union of nature and craftsmanship.