Toot Your Own Horn 2021

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Toot Your Own Horn from Brutes, a Nordic revelry in a bottle. This cider, bursting with sun-drenched apple orchard flavors, spiced with wild apples, and touched by the Baltic breeze.

Peas, apples, quince and pepper.


  • 7%


  • 2021


  • Cider

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Swedish apples

Funky Scale

Middle of the Road


Stockholm, Sweden

Brutes Cider Winemakers

The Producer

About Brutes Cider

Brutes Cider is a collaborative endeavor led by five passionate individuals, each contributing distinct skills. Brad Sawicki, an accomplished American cidermaker renowned for natural winemaking, brings an international flair. Tobias Eriksson, a Swedish cidermaker and sommelier, adds depth with extensive fermentation knowledge and dedication to tradition.

Nicklas Ivarsson, another Swedish cidermaker, prioritizes sustainability and terroir-driven cider, enhancing ecological integrity. Joakim Kviberg, a Swedish musician, injects creativity with unique perspectives, resulting in innovative flavors. Fredrik Winberg, a Swedish restaurateur, provides valuable insights into consumer preferences, ensuring Brutes Cider complements diverse dining experiences.

Though lacking a singular "winemaker," the collaborative efforts of these individuals define Brutes Cider. Their unique amalgamation of talents, blending French and Swedish traditions, creates a must-try, promising a distinctive and delightful tasting experience.