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The Growth of the Natural Wine Category

Posted by Holly Berrigan on

We have a new partner in the MYSA house! We are excited to share that Eater has chosen us to help make their wine club happen, full of the best low-intervention wines we can get our hands on. We’re no stranger to collaboration, so of course we said YES! 

The purpose behind us starting MYSA was the ability to bring quality natural wines from local and small producers around the world to people’s doorsteps across the US. We'll be working with Eater, our retail partner, and local sommeliers from restaurants in every top market to recommend their favorite natural wines. So far, the response has been amazing and shows the genuine interest people have in the category.

With that in mind, beyond announcing the collaboration, we wanted to take a closer look at four reasons why natural wines is getting more attention these days:

Millennials and Gen Z in the Wine Market

Millennials and Gen Z

As millennial business owners, we can definitely say that we’re interested in understanding how the wine was made and where it came from. Roughly 85% of our customers at MYSA are in these generational groups, and we see them not only interested in buying wine made naturally but also engaging with the wines on Instagram. They also are far more willing to spend money on things made organically than other generations.

Natural Wine Vineyard

The Environment

Now, more than ever, people are aware of their impact on the environment. On the whole, the natural winemaking process is more sustainable compared to conventional winemaking, but when shipping and trucking are involved, you cannot be at a zero carbon footprint. Most wine producers use industrial agricultural techniques or commercial pesticides in their vineyards. Instead, the way to make natural wine is focused on regenerative and biodynamic farming practices. While Millennials and Gen Z lead the way in caring about these initiatives, each year more and more people are becoming more cognizant of their environmental impact and that is great for the natural wine community!

Social media and wine

Social Media

Natural wine producers have social media to thank for stoking the interest of their products and for being a major promoter of the category. There's a whole "hype juice" culture out there on social media and Reddit where people post their bottle pics, and they are typically the same kinds of bottles with a lot of hype around them. It also helps that many natural winemakers use fun labels and clear bottles that really let the wines color and their personality shine through!

Action Bronson and natural winemaker

Photo by Vox Media


For good or bad, the celebrity wine movement continues to pick up speed. Natural wine isn't excluded from this (and we're not including wines that put themselves in the "clean" wine category) with Rosie Assoulin's Vivanterre launching this year and the infamous projects and promotions Action Bronson has worked on. You also cannot pick up Vogue or The New Yorker without missing a shout out to natural wine from a celebrity when asked how they’re getting through the pandemic and lockdowns. 

We can all feel the changes happening towards more organic solutions in our life with names as big as Target turning a keen focus to it with their products. This bodes well for all industries. Overall we're so excited to be working on this larger stage with natural wine and think it's an encouraging view of where the wine market is headed!

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