Impress Your Friendsgiving Crew

Impress Your Friendsgiving Crew

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Gathering around a table to break bread with friends and family might look a wee bit different in 2020. When preparing for your Friendsgiving feast, don’t forget the natural wine! Actually, we recommend starting with it. With dinner choices evolving from traditional turkey and sides, there are so many wines to choose from that will elevate your dishes. 

We’ve turned to our friends in the business to learn what they would grab if invited to our Friendsgiving dinner and what they’d pair it with. Dig in below and then remember to order before November 20th to receive yours in time for Thursday, November 26. 

Starting the Party

Nic Jansson Recommends:

Nic Jansson - MYSA Natural WineLas Jaras Nouveau

Slippers Sippers Nouveau from Las Jaras to get the party started!

"Nouveau wines are MADE for Thanksgiving! It all started with Beaujolais Nouveau awhile back as a perfect Thanksgiving pairing. Now, Las Jaras has put their twist on the carbonic nouveau with a blend of California grapes that perfectly pair throughout the meal. I love to start with it because I truly believe this wine was made for this occasion and can play nicely the whole way through!" 

Josh and Jany Jacobson of Rae Vino Recommend:

Seeds and Skins from Old Westminster in Maryland!

"It’s one of our favorite orange wines of the year. Super bright stone fruit (mostly peach), though grapefruit, orange, etc. would all be appropriate. The canned aspect would undoubtedly be convenient for any sort of social distancing (per COVID), and it’s got enough of a spritz that we’re not sure if it’s technically a sparkling wine or just a classic example of malo post-canning."


Wild Card

Eric Moorer of Domestique Wine Recommends:

Milan Nestarec’s WTF (What the Flor) 2017.

“So, if I were to bring a bottle of wine to dinner this year I would want it to be a bottle that screamed joy. After all, I think we deserve a bit more than we’ve gotten in 2020. A bottle that immediately comes to mind for me is Milan Nestarec’s WTF (What the Flor) 2017 which is possibly the most atypical example of Grüner Veltliner that I’ve come across. The wine sees a bit of maceration which combines Grüner's tendency to develop flor and creates an absolutely electric presence on the palate. Everything about this bottle exclaims “share me with people that you care about, and would add lift to anything on the dinner table.” 

From: Domestique Wine


For the Turkey

Rania Zayyat of Wonder Women of Wine Recommends:

A magnum of France Gonzalvez Côte de Brouilly!

Beaujolais is a MUST for Thanksgiving, so you can never go wrong with a magnum!

From: Wonder Women of Wine, Vintel, Be the Change Job Fair, Bufalina


Nadia Pugh Recommends:

The End of Nowhere "The Ghost in the Machine" 2019 Sangiovese

“When I come over for dinner, I love to bring the party and stay until the end. I would bring The End of Nowhere "The Ghost in the Machine" 2019 Sangiovese. It is light enough to throw a chill on it, and white wine lovers can get into it as well. This wine would pair great with anything a host has whipped up for the cozy evening: roasted veggies to heartier meats, and even solo if the food is running late.”

From: Nad Wines


Beth Comatos Recommends:

Laurent Lebled's "Ça C'est Bon!

Thanksgiving wines are not about food pairing. With so many side dishes involved, finding the perfect match is impossible. They're not about being flashy or expensive. Thanksgiving wines should simply be gluggable and shareable. That's why my 2020 Thanksgiving wine pick is Laurent Lebled's "Ça C'est Bon!" a Vin de France Gamay from France's Loire Valley. It's completely crushable (serve chilled), affordable (~$20), and low in both tannins and alcohol. It's juicy enough to sip while cooking pre-dinner, complex enough to entertain your wino uncle, and modest enough to share the attention of all other fixings on the table. "That's good stuff!"

From: Juice Box Beth


Shan-Hua Coral Wang Recommends:

coral-wang Vivanterre Gamay

Vivanterre - Gamay

"I’d bring a Vivanterre Gamay because I love it! Super lively zingy, and a solid winner for Thanksgiving!"


For the Sides

Amanda Goodwin Recommends:

Spooklight Pinot Gris

This tannic orange wine is sturdy enough to pair with savory dishes like roast ham or turkey drumsticks. It's also great with sides like stuffing or even cranberry sauce. Notes of dried apricot, under ripe strawberries, and exotic spices. The astringency of this wine is palate-cleansing, yet enjoyable. 

From: The Real House Wine, National Orange Wine Day


Charles Springfield Recommends:

La Fete du Rose 2018.

“I understand that it is not a common practice for many people to continue drinking rosé wine after Labor Day, similar to wearing white. But I think those old rules and practices should definitely be broken. Rosé is one of the most food-friendly wines you can find. They are so versatile that you can pair various styles of rosé with anything from Strawberry Shortcake to Filet Mignon, and everything in between. The  La Fete du Rosé embodies a medium-bodied style of rosé from Saint-Tropez in the South of France that works very well with the typical Thanksgiving-type proteins and side dishes, keeping your palate engaged and refreshed during the meal. Plus the owner of the company is a friend and founded the only black-owned rosé wine company in Provence, France. So what better way to celebrate Friendsgiving than to help support a friend and a wine brand that also donates a portion of the proceeds from every bottle to various programs that send underserved and underrepresented youth on unique travel experiences helping them develop new skill sets and grow as global citizens.

From: The Wine Stylings


Olen Amelia Recommends:

Olen Amelia - Minum SelectionsRibolla Gialla Maloof

Photo Credit - Minum Selections

Ribolla Gialla from Maloof Wines!

“Since the holidays are a bit different this year, most people we know are having low-key celebrations, which calls for more experimental, yet delicious and approachable wines that go well with anything on your dinner table. Lately, we find ourselves so captivated by the beauty of Maloof Wines. Winemakers Ross and Bee Maloof source some of their grapes from the amazing Johan Vineyards–a certified-biodynamic site who farm high-quality grapes while also nurturing a healthy, diverse microbiological system in their soil which ensures the excellent quality of their vines. The 2019 Johan Vineyards “Ribolla Gialla” is a stunning wine with rich golden hue, lush floral aromas and silky-smooth texture. Notes of tangerine juice, sliced tomatillo, and lemon meringue brings in an irresistible freshness that elevates the opulent flavors of Friendsgiving dishes. Unlike most other Ribolla Gialla, The Maloofs direct-pressed their grapes for this wine before letting it ferment and age in old Burgundian oak barrels. What we discover is a totally unique wine with beautiful color that is equally complex and so delicious that we keep coming back to it every chance we get.”

From: Minum Selections


To Wrap it Up

Bianca Sanon Recommends:

Bianca Sanon

Photo Credit - @laurapalaciousphoto, 

2016 Domaine de la Pinte Arbois Trousseau

“I mostly just want to mention that Trousseau is still kind of an underdog and is such a versatile food wine -- light enough to not weigh down your palate during a big Thanksgiving dinner, and flavorful enough that it can complement most meaty, rich or herb based dishes without getting lost or muddled. And it's juicy enough to enjoy on its own! The Jura is a personal favorite when it comes to wine regions so any chance I have to share a bottle of it, I jump on the chance to do so.”

From: Boia De, Paradis Books & Bread


Holly Berrigan Recommends:

Holly Berrigan is bringing Prosa by Meinklang.

"I love to finish the desserts off with bubbles with a cider or sparkling with a bit of RS! Prosa, with just a bit of residual sugar and low ABV, is perfect to pair with your pies and other sweets without being too over the top."


We love all these friends and their picks! You can't go wrong if you're pairing based on what you love, but when it's time to share, all these tips will steer you towards the MOST food friendly wine for your next Friendsgiving.

P.S. If you're planning to order wine from us for Thanksgiving, be sure it's before November 20th to receive yours in time for Thursday, November 26. 

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