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Friendsgiving Wine Recommendations

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This holiday season we've invited a few of our friends to our Friendsgiving dinner. Because after all... friends are like family! 

And you can't forget the natural wine when preparing for a Friendsgiving feast. In fact, we advocate starting with it. There are a wide variety of wines to pick from that will enhance your meals as dinner options move beyond the usual turkey and sides.

We asked our friends what they would bring and what foods they would pair with it. Check it out below, then don't forget to place your order by November 14th in order to have it by Thanksgiving. 

Starting the Party

Patty Diez from Eater and Punch Recommends:

Domaine Landron Chartier Naturlich Pet Nat

Why that wine?

"No matter the crowd, I like to bring something middle of the road to any party setting. And I always always bring bubbles. This pet nat is delicate but so lively and refreshing. It's gone with just about anything I've put it up against to date so it will be the perfect addition to the table next week."

What food would you pair it with?

"I usually bring the appetizer to any Thanksgiving or potluck — it says "I'm still contributing and cooking but this will seem more elaborate than it was." Whether that's furikake chex mix, popcorn with nutritional yeast, or a warm melange of cured meat, dates, pecans, and rosemary (inspo here). But this pet nat would really go with anything on the menu, particularly excited to have it with the slightly sweeter side dishes."

Holly Berrigan Recommends:

Susucaru Rosato 2022 by Frank Cornelissen

Why that wine? What food would you pair it with?

"I'm bringing Susucaru because Thanksgiving is actually a perfect time to do a rosé with some heftier skin contact and the hype on this wine is actually justified! It looks fun on the table and is a conversation starter with your family so it really gets the party started. It tastes amazing, and we actually have enough this year that I can promote it without it already being sold out!"

Sean & Páraic of GlouGlouGays Recommend:

Les Sables 2021 by Château de Chaintres

Why that wine?

"This Cabernet Franc from the Loire is affordable (so you can buy multiple), deeply savory (to pair with all the assertive food), and offers complexity so your friends will think you're a genius for bringing it! We would highly recommend giving it a little bit of air before serving so either pop the cork as soon as you arrive and let it breathe, or pour it into a decanter. If you don't have a decanter you can always use a vase as a replacement."

What food would you pair it with?

"This one goes well with everything that can be dropped on your plate but we think it would pair deliciously with charred brussels sprouts, or a spiced ham."

Wild Card

McKenna of Gleam Connections Recommends:

Reigning Sun White 2022 by The Blacksmith

Why that wine? What food would you pair it with?

“For Friendsgiving I’m bringing a bit of sunshine and all the crunchy tropical fruit notes, fresh citrus aromas, and zingy acidity with this pick! The blend of Chenin Blanc and Muscat goes great alongside unique non-traditional Thanksgiving dishes such as roasted pumpkin and goat cheese crostini, bacon-wrapped pork medallions, or green beans with feta and bacon... yum!"

For the Turkey

Nic Jansson Recommends:

Barsotti 2020 by Donkey & Goat

Why that wine? And what food would you pair it with?

"Barsotti is a fun take on Gamay in the US and Thanksgiving is made for Gamay. We all know Bojo is perfect for Turkey and D&G made a wine that also fits in that category and is drinking much more like a Cru Bojo (I'd say Moulin-a-Vent if I were to make the comparison). Give it a slight chill and see the delight on your family's faces."

For the Sides

Kenda of The Nola Wineaux Recommends:

Orbis Moderandi Pétillant Naturel 2022 by Hunter's Estate

Why that wine? What food would you pair it with?

"The wine I would bring is the Orbis Moderandi Pétillant Naturel. The bright acidity, stone fruit and the lively bubbles in the wine would pair lovely with a garden salad that has fresh crisp veggies and prosciutto."

Bree of Limited Addition Wines Recommends:

Limited Addition Grenache “Rosé” or Limited Addition Trousseau, Gamay, Pinot Noir Red Blend 

Why that wine?

"I’d bring a light red, possibly chillable red, like Limited Addition Grenache “Rose” or Limited Addition Trousseau, Gamay, Pinot noir red blend. It’s a crunchy red fruited energetic wine with juicy acidity and lowish alcohol which you really need during a long holiday of day drinking ;)"

What food would you pair it with?

"Stuffing! Or a pomegranate and Turkey salad"

To Wrap it Up

Merlin Salerno of Recommends:

La Marcette by Kevin Bouillet

Why that wine?

"In recent years, Jura wine has become a trend. It's rare to find bottles at reasonable prices. Kevin Bouillet is a young winemaker from the area (Pupillin), still accessible, but who already has the mastery, finesse and elegance of great winemakers (Labet, Ganevat,...). I'll be bringing one of his bottles because I want to share it with my friends before it becomes too rare to find and inaccessible.

I'm choosing, without hesitation, his Ploussard 'La Marcette', which is the kind of natural wine where you keep quiet to listen to its soul... It's got tangy red berries, a hint of undergrowth, a suave side, suppleness, mineral notes, grace, finesse, gourmandise, the energy of the living... It's just perfect! I know everyone will love it!"

What food would you pair it with?

"I'll open the bottle for the aperitif with a charcuterie board, or for a dessert that's not too sweet, like a red berry tart. But above all, you need friends, laughter and good music (🎵Souffle le vent - Odezenne)."


We love all these friends and their picks! You can't go wrong if you're pairing based on what you love, but when it's time to share, all these tips will steer you towards the MOST food friendly wine for your next Friendsgiving.

And if you're looking for even more recommendations, we put together two collections:

Classic Thanksgiving Collection - This box is going fully classic to pair with all the flavors you'll have on the table this time of year! Starting with a classic Fleurie Beajolais, a slammin’ Silvaner, and a deeper VdF red blend. Something for everyone!

Funky Friendsgiving Collection - We love the funk and if you want a new take on your Friendsgiving take yours in a new direction with a cool take on the classic Bojo with D&G’s Barsotti aged Gamay, a deep rosé from Czech that will be perfect with Turkey AND a NY cider that will be perfect with your pie!

P.S. If you're planning to order wine from us for Thanksgiving, be sure it's before November 14th to receive yours in time for Thanksgiving!

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