Free Your Mind Piquette 2021

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A fizzy natural Piquette with red stone fruit flavors, hints of spice, and notes of smoked meat and an oaky finish!


Pomegranates, plums, apricots, and raisins.


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  • 2021


  • Piquette

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California, USA


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About Wonderwerk

Wonderwerk stands out also for their colorful, eye-catching labels: “We wouldn’t be anywhere without our friends Anton Goddard and Lana Shahmoradian who design all of our branding and label artwork, as well as the slew of other friends who lend their creative energy to making some of our more absurd and visual ideas come true,” Issamu acknowledges. “It’s true that you “drink with your eyes first” and so we’ve always wanted to create wines that jump out at you, grab your attention and make you go “what is this all about…?” Well, New York, thanks to this hot addition in the Jenny & Francois book, you can now wonder about Wonderwerk’s work as well! - Jenny and Francois