Piquette Merlot 2021

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This juicy piquette has dark and red fruit flavors with subtle hints of chocolate and mocha. Perfect for a taco night or picnic at the beach!


Sour cherry, raspberry jam, red fruit-cake, and hibiscus.


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  • 2021


  • Red

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New York, USA


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About Wild Arc

Todd and Crystal left Brooklyn in the Summer of 2016 after a combined 30 years in the city to try their hand at building sustainable food systems in the Hudson Valley. Both had very limited experience in agriculture, mostly relegated to growing tomatoes, peppers, herbs, and hops on fire escapes (when the neighborhood squirrels didn't kill everything out of spite.) Being lifetime New Yorkers, they wanted to show that interesting and dynamic wines could be grown in the Hudson Valley in the context of a small, Biodynamic, permaculture-focused farm. - Wild Arc