Waves Red 2021 - 2 Pack

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A medium-bodied Californian red wine with bright acidity, little tannins, and hints of baking spice in the finish! Perfect to drink on a sunny day!


Cranberry, watermelon, orange blossom and violet.


  • 13.5%


  • 2021


  • Red

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Zinfandel, Grenache, Valdiguie, Carignan, Counoise

Funky Scale

Middle of the Road


California, USA

The Producer

About Las Jaras

At Las Jaras, the winemaker is dedicated to crafting wines that embody a unique blend of deliciousness, energy, and balance. Their approach revolves around creating wines that are simultaneously vibrant, delicate, and supple, with a focus on being food-friendly and accessible to all enthusiasts. What sets them apart is their commitment to minimal intervention, allowing the natural, rhythmic expression of the vineyards' terroir to shine through in every sip. For those unfamiliar with wines crafted in this manner, the experience can be revelatory, offering a new dimension to the enjoyment of wine.

The winemaker's portfolio includes lighter wines that can elevate everyday experiences, from the elegant bubbles of the Sparkling Wine perfect for a friend's engagement party to the Rosé tucked into a backpack for a scenic park sunset. The Glou Glou, when chilled, pairs seamlessly with a Margherita pizza, enhancing takeout pleasures. Moving to medium-bodied reds, they skillfully complement deep savory meals, sparking thought-provoking moments around the holiday dinner table.

Las Jaras' Cabernet Sauvignon prompts engaging discussions reminiscent of 70's Napa, making it a delightful choice to share with a server at your favorite restaurant. Finally, the Sweet Berry Wine becomes a conversation starter, inspiring stories and spreading joy with every pour. To truly appreciate the craftsmanship behind each bottle, one is invited to embark on a journey through the diverse and expressive offerings curated by this exceptional winemaker at Las Jaras.