Ikons 2022

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A Croatian natural white wine with juicy tropical and stone fruit flavors, delicate floral and citrus notes, light acidity, easy-drinking tannins, and a medium-length finish. Perfect with delicate grilled seafood or vibrant salads.


White peaches,crisp apples, citrus zest, honeysuckle and elderflower.


  • 11%


  • 2022


  • White

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Škrlet and Graševina

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Mostly Funky


Moslavina, Croatia

The Producer

About Voštinić – Klasnić

In Croatia's Moslavina, a charming family estate called Voštinić — Klasnić has been championing a nearly forgotten grape: Škrlet. Their story began in 1936 when Tomislav's great-grandfather planted the first Škrlet vines, some of which still stand today. Now, Tomislav, aka the "Young Prince of Škrlet," leads the charge.

What makes them special? It's all about their unwavering dedication to Škrlet. They practice organic farming, prioritizing healthy vines over certifications. Their modern touch on a traditional cellar allows them to craft a variety of Škrlet styles – from light and aromatic to skin-contact and even sparkling! Each sip is a testament to their passion for reviving this unique grape and sharing its hidden potential with the world.

About the Region

Moslavina, Croatia

Moslavina is all about rolling hills, charming villages, and a family-run winery on a mission. Here, the Voštinić — Klasnić crew are like Škrlet superheroes (that's a local grape, FYI). They're rescuing a once-forgotten grape called Škrlet from obscurity. Imagine fresh, light wines bursting with flavor – that's Škrlet! These passionate folks farm organically and use modern tricks in their old cellar to craft all sorts of Škrlet styles, from light and easy to skin-contact funky. So ditch the tourist traps and raise a glass to Moslavina, where history and deliciousness come together in every sip!

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