Muscat 2021

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Orange wine is where it's at. Basically, it's white wine made like a red - the grapes soak on their skins for a while, turning the juice a cool orange shade (think sunrise) and adding some extra flavor oomph. This means it's got more body and a bit of a bite, like a good cup of tea. Expect flavors beyond your usual white wine - think citrusy, maybe some apricot or peach, and even a touch of earthiness. It's perfect for adventurous drinkers who want something different and interesting!

Tasting Notes: Orange peel, apricot, and white flowers

Pairing Suggestions: Thai Curry, Apple Crisp, Blue Cheese Pasta

Itata Valley, Chile

Type: Orange | Vintage: 2021 | Sulfur: Minimal | Varietal: Muscat of Alexandria | Alcohol: 0.12 | Production: Organic | Style: Glou Glou

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