“Vino Kaamen II" Croatia Red 2020

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Vinas Mora crafts wines of astonishing depth from the local Croatian grape Babić. Working with nearly 100 growers in the coastal Primošten area, this wine combines old-vine intensity, organic work in the vineyard (with no help from machines at all), and a gentle hand in the cellar to elevate this internationally obscure grape to star status. Kaamen I is created with an eye towards concentration, and the result is serious, yet far from severe. Dark berry fruit (blackberries, blueberries) mixes with stony minerality for a wine that can compete with Burgundy for elegance. Lots to unpack here, best enjoyed at length, alongside a friend or lover, and perhaps some dishes with duck or lamb.



  • 14.5%


  • 2020


  • Red

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Plješivica, Croatia

The Producer

About Vinas Mora

Kreso Petrekovic, the visionary winemaker behind Vinas Mora, is not just a seasoned professional in the world of wine; he is a passionate advocate for preserving the unique viticultural heritage of Primošten, Croatia. After achieving success with Podrum Franjo, his initial winery venture, Kreso embarked on his second passion project with Vinas Mora. His journey took a fortuitous turn during the COVID-19 pandemic when he found himself in Primošten, captivated by the region's terroir and the indigenous Babić grape variety. What sets Kreso apart is his commitment to supporting local farmers like Josipa and Neno Marinov, who were producing wines in the traditional manner, reminiscent of their ancestors. Vinas Mora emerged from the ashes of an almost abandoned local co-op, saving the community from potential devastation. Kreso, along with Neno and another wine professional, Niko Dukan, revitalized the winemaking facilities, ensuring the continuation of a rich winemaking tradition. The name "Vinas Mora," a clever play on words in Croatian meaning "wines from the sea," reflects the winery's proximity to the Adriatic. The vineyards, perched just meters above sea level in rocky and challenging terrain, showcase the resilience of Babić vines. The manual clearing of the land and the use of dry-stone walls exemplify the extreme human effort invested in transforming the once inaccessible plots into thriving vineyards. Vinas Mora specializes in crafting natural wines that reflect the character of the region. The challenging soil conditions, predominantly crvenica, contribute to the unique flavor profile of their wines. With varieties like Debit, Marastina, Plavina, and Lasin, Vinas Mora offers a diverse range of red and white wines. While the initial releases feature young Babić vines, the promise of high-end cru wines in the future adds anticipation and excitement to the winery's portfolio. Tasting Vinas Mora wines is not just about savoring the flavors but experiencing the dedication of Kreso Petrekovic and his team to preserve and elevate the winemaking traditions of Primošten.

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