Cinsault Bechthold Vineyard 2020

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Gently pressed and aged for 8 months, this wine is known for the lovely aromatics and a complex pallette.

Boysenberry, Red Fruits and Rhubarb Flavors!


  • 12


  • 2020


  • Red

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Pizza, Picnic Food, Salmon



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Middle of the Road


California, USA

two shepherds winemaker

The Producer

About Two Shepherds

Our philosophy is to embrace how wines were made for hundreds of years, before the introduction of chemicals and flavor manipulation. We guide our wines along, protect them from harm, and otherwise do not intervene. This old world style allows for the true expression of the variety, vintage and vineyard. All of our wines are aged in neutral barrels that subtly enhance the wines' texture, but impart no oak flavors. Our wines are fermented naturally with native yeast, are aged on the lees, with minimal sulfur and are minimally racked. We focus on Rhône and uncommon varieties, often from the only few acres available in California. While our total production is small, our offerings are vast. Nicknamed ‘insane master of small lots’, William crafts about 15 different wines each vintage, including some that are only 1 – 2 barrels. These are old world, elegant wines focused on brightness, subtlety and texture. We hope you enjoy them. Cheers! William & Karen