Esprit 1er Cru 2018

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An elegant and refreshing champagne with tropical fruit flavors, citrus aroma, bright acidity, and a crisp mineral note.


Red apple, pineapple, lime and honeysuckle.


  • 12


  • 2018


  • Sparkling

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Funky Scale

Middle of the Road


Champagne, France


The Producer

About Solemme

This family estate is located in the Montagne de Reims terroir and has been practicing organic viticulture since 2010.

Olivier Langlais, the winemaker behind Solemme Champagne, advocates first and foremost simplicity and honesty in his wines. The vines are organically grown and treated using the even more demanding biodynamic methods.

A true exception in the Champagne region, this family house makes its wines using only the year's wines. Solemme champagnes are wines of character with no added sugar to fully express the aromas of each vintage!