Smiley Chenin NV

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Four different vintages span with some ageing with naturally occurring flor yeast and others for Madeira style ageing, by placing the barrels in the sun, to create characterful wines for the final blend. A portion has skin-contact for 10-14 days. Lemon pith with mineral notes of seashell, ocean mist, and hints of waxy macadamia and toasted almond nuts.



  • 12.5%


  • NV


  • White

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Seafood, White Meat, Tapas

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Chenin Blanc

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Mostly Funky


Swartland, South Africa

The Producer

About Silwervis

Emerging from the inaugural Swartland Revolution, the Silwervis wine collection embodies a commitment to transparently and authentically showcasing the terroir of its vineyards. Crafted from indigenous grape varieties typical of the region, the winemaking process emphasizes natural vinification and minimal intervention to preserve the essence of the soil.

About the Region

Swartland, South Africa

Natural wine from Swartland embodies the raw, untamed spirit of South Africa's winemaking renaissance. Nestled within the rugged landscapes of the Western Cape, Swartland's vineyards thrive under the intense African sun and cooling ocean breezes. Here, a new generation of winemakers is redefining tradition, championing organic and biodynamic practices that honor the land and its bounty. With minimal intervention in the cellar, Swartland's natural wines showcase the purest expression of the region's terroir, from old-vine Chenin Blancs bursting with tropical fruit to robust Syrahs layered with spice and earth. Each bottle tells a story of innovation and adventure, inviting drinkers to explore the wild beauty and boundless potential of South Africa's winemaking landscape.

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