Avesso 2020

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Complex with a nice burst of fresh acidity from Portugal. The grapes are hand-harvested from 20-year-old vines followed by 9 months spent on lees. Lively aromatics of citrus, white flowers, and herbs. Finishes with a pleasant touch of sea salt!

Tasting Notes: Silky and elegant on the palate with stone fruit.

Pairing Suggestions: Grilled Vegetables, Lobster, Salads

Vinho Verde, Portugal

Type: White | Vintage: 2020 | Sulfur: Minimal | Varietal: Avesso | Alcohol: 13% | Production: Organic, Vegan | Style: Complex

Producer Profile

Based in the land of Baião, the estate was first established in 1991 with a family property called Casa do Arrabalde that has been in the family for six generations. The estate now spans a total of three parcels to include Quinta dos Espinhosos and Quinta de Santa Teresa. Their parcels are of low-to-moderate production in predominantly granitic soils and the estate is committed to expressing the character of the land, vineyards and varietals through not only regenerating the land through sustainable and integrated methods, but also the local community by recruiting and training local employees. Never using herbicides or synthetic products, they have a minimal interventionist wine making philosophy so that now, in 2019, they are certified organic. Quinta de Santa Teresa is located on the boarder of Vinho Verde and the Douro, with arranged terraces separated by granite walls. This makes it the perfect environment for Avesso, a varietal of remarkable acidity with conditions to ripen fully and reveal its true aging potential. Certified Organic & Vegan Friendly - Savio Soares Selections

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About Natural Wine

Great question! There are a lot of definitions for natural wine with the main term you'll hear being that it has had minimal intervention. To be more specific, our definition is that the wine must first be sustainably farmed, which typically means it was organically or biodynamically farmed.

Then, in the cellar the natural winemaking process has some differences as well! The wine is typically unfined, unfiltered, and goes through spontaneous fermentation with native yeasts. If you want to know more about what natural wine is, we have an entire guide under our reference section!

The short answer is that natural wine can taste like any other kind of conventional wine (we like to call these stealth natural wines) or it can taste quite a bit different, as production methods can vary and potentially be lighter, or in a style you've never had before (like orange, pet-nat or amphora).

The natural wine community is also more accepting of some qualities in wines that conventional would consider a flaw, like Brett, some oxidation, or volatile acidity. We would consider these in high amounts to also be a flaw, but in many cases a touch of these qualities can ultimately improve their flavor and texture and be happily accepted in a natural wine.

To find out more about what natural wine tastes like, check out our full blog and podcast on the topic here.

The short answer is, no! But many are. Glou-glou describes winesthat are easily chuggable, impossible to put the glass down, and seductively delicious! They tend to be young and fresh, designed to be drunk early with an average ABV of around 10%. Check out different styles or glou glou natural wine here on our site.