Nakcool Canelones White 2023

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Uruguayan natural white wine with crisp citrus aromas like grapefruit and lime. On the palate, has bright acidity balanced by refreshing flavors of white stone fruit like pear and apricot. Subtle minerality adds complexity, while the finish is clean and dry. This light-bodied white is perfect for enjoying on a warm day or as an apéritif.


Peach, apricot, pear, green melon and honey.


  • 9.5%


  • 2023


  • White

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Middle of the Road


Canelones, Uruguay

Proyecto Nakkal

The Producer

About Proyecto Nakkal

Proyecto Nakkal was founded in 2020 by two passionate friends, Nicolás Monforte and Santiago Degasperi, it's a project built on a love for natural wines and minimal intervention. Unlike many wineries, they don't rely on a barrage of additives or oak aging. Instead, they source organic grapes, letting the unique characteristics of the fruit shine through. Their philosophy aligns with the ancient legend of the Nakkal, who were believed to be guardians of balance and wisdom – a fitting namesake for winemakers who prioritize natural expression.

What truly sets Proyecto Nakkal apart is their commitment to showcasing Uruguay's potential for exceptional natural wines. Their vineyards bask in the cool climate of Canelones, known for its fresh wines. Here, they cultivate an exciting range of grape varietals, crafting everything from petnats, a sparkling wine made with minimal intervention, to amphora-aged wines brimming with character. They even produce "natcool" styles, lower-alcohol wines perfect for warm days. With every bottle, Proyecto Nakkal offers a taste of Uruguay's terroir, expressed with a dedication to natural methods and a touch of innovation.

About the Region

Canelones, Uruguay

Canelones in Uruguay is all about easy drinking. Think rolling hills with sun-drenched vineyards, cool breezes rustling the leaves, and sunsets that set the sky on fire. This hidden gem crafts refreshing, light-bodied wines, perfect for sipping under the warm sun. Small, passionate wineries here are rocking the natural scene with bottles bursting with character.


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