St. Laurent 2020

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The St. Laurent 2020 by Porta Bohemica is unlike any other red wine!
Flavors of juicy raspberries and cherries, with a touch of earthy magic that whispers of forest adventures. The lively acidity keeps it fresh, and the smooth texture feels like velvet on your tongue. It finishes clean with a hint of savory goodness, leaving you wanting to share this delightful surprise with someone special.



Raspberry, cherry, violet and mushroom.


  • 11.4%


  • 2020


  • Red

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Gnocchi with Gorgonzola & Walnuts, Spicy Beef Noodle Soup, Mole Poblano with Chicken

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St. Laurent

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Adventure Level

Middle of the Road


Bohemia, Czech Republic


The Producer

About Porta Bohemica

Ales, once a scientist in Jena, embarked on his winemaking journey in 2008, establishing his vineyard in the picturesque valley of the Elbe River in the northern region of the Czech Republic. Surrounded by lush forests and vineyards, his small estate reflects his passion for crafting exceptional wines.

About the Region

Bohemia, Czech Republic

In the picturesque region of Bohemia, nestled amidst rolling hills and quaint villages, a burgeoning natural wine scene is emerging, encapsulating the essence of the area's rich cultural heritage and pristine landscapes. Here, winemakers uphold a deep-rooted commitment to sustainable practices, cultivating indigenous grape varieties with meticulous care and respect for the land. The wines of Bohemia reflect the region's unique terroir, offering a captivating array of flavors that mirror the diverse soils and microclimates, from crisp, mineral-driven whites to elegant, complex reds. With a focus on minimal intervention in the cellar, these wines showcase a raw vitality and purity, inviting enthusiasts to embark on a sensory journey through the enchanting beauty of Bohemia with every sip.

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