CX 2020

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A crisp and cloudy amber natural orange wine with stone fruit flavors, hints of salt, spice, and dried oranges, medium tannins, and a strong minerally finish!

A funky and complex explosion of flavor! Pineapple, citrus, stone fruit, and bitter tannin on the palate.


  • 10.5%


  • 2020


  • Orange

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Appetizers, Picnic Food, Summer Salads


Cartoixa Vermell

Funky Scale

Middle of the Road


Penedes, Spain

partida creus winemaker

The Producer

About Partida Creus

Massimo Marchiori and Antonella Gerosa are an Italian couple from Piedmont making wines in Massís de Bonastre in the Baix Penedés. They’re recovering old vines in the area, in some cases unwanted and abandoned due to low yields, as well as unknown varietals. They farm the plots organically and produce grapes of extreme quality and concentration. They make natural wines without adding anything in the cellar. Fermentation is with native yeast. No fining or filtration is done. No SO2 is added. Massimo and Antonella were architects before becoming winemakers, and architecture is what initially brought them to Barcelona. Around 2000, they moved out to the country in search of a slower lifestyle. They settled in Massís de Bonastre and started farming all kinds of local foods. They found they were having trouble finding wines that were made in the same style, so they started making their own with old vines of local grape varieties. All of the wines are from Baix Penedès (Maritime Penedès). Baix Penedès is characterized by its low-altitude location next to the Mediterranean sea and beneath the coastal mountain range. The climate here is more consistent, Mediterranean and warm.