Epic 2022

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A vibrant sparkler with fresh fruit flavors like citrus, peach, and a hint of muscat grape. Made with indigenous yeasts and aged in steel tanks, it has lively acidity with a touch of minerality. Unoaked and unfiltered, this light-bodied and refreshing wine finishes dry, perfect for a casual summer gathering.


Grapefruit, apricot, lychee, and orange blossom.


  • 10.5%


  • 2022


  • Sparkling

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Middle of the Road




The Producer

About Meinklang

Meinklang is a lively farm compromising the three typical fields of a Pannonian farmstead in East Austria south of capital town Vienna: wine-growing, fruits and agriculture. Each family-member is specialized in an aspect of farming. Unique is the estate owns Angus & Aubrac cattle herd. It`s the farms source for our own nutritious, organic fertilizer for lively soils in the vineyards and creates the closed circle in the biodynamic Demeter farming. Outstanding issues are the totally unpruned vines, called «graupert» and the extended maturation in concrete egg-shaped containers. As well as the family initiated the first holistic Demeter brewery where we refine the ancient grain beer out of the old varieties called Einkorn and Emmer wheat. - From Zev Rovine

About the Region


Nestled in the heart of Austria, Burgenland is a haven for wine enthusiasts seeking something truly special. Here, amidst rolling hills and serene lakes, a new generation of winemakers, like the visionary Sarah Müller, are redefining the region's viticultural landscape. With a deep respect for tradition and an unwavering commitment to innovation, Sarah crafts wines that capture the essence of Burgenland's terroir with unparalleled finesse. From the elegant whites of Grüner Veltliner to the velvety reds of Blaufränkisch, each bottle tells a story of passion and dedication, reflecting Sarah's tireless pursuit of excellence. In Burgenland, wine isn't just a drink—it's a way of life, a celebration of nature's bounty, and a testament to the enduring spirit of the region.


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