Fêtembulles Pét-Nat 2022

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Nose of citrus fruits, white flowers, and bread! The taste is fresh, and lively, with a balanced acidity and a long persistent finish.



  • 2022


  • Sparkling

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chenin blanc

Funky Scale

Middle of the Road


Loire Valley, France

The Producer

About Jean-Pierre Robinot

L'Opéra des Vins isn't just a winery, it's a passion project by Jean-Pierre Robinot, a maverick in the Loire Valley. He's not afraid to break the mold, crafting "natural wines" that sing with minimal intervention. Imagine grapes bursting with life, their unique character preserved in every sip. No harsh chemicals, just pure, expressive juice. Robinot's dedication to organic and biodynamic farming shines through in every bottle, offering a taste of the earth itself nestled amongst the fruit. If you seek wines that tell a story, that transport you to the sun-drenched vineyards, then L'Opéra des Vins is an unforgettable experience waiting to be uncorked.

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