Bianchetto 2019

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A complex orange wine from a young vineyard. This blend is incredibly aromatic with a strong minerality. The skins are left to macerate for 10 days. Tastes of orange zest, herbs, green apples, and apricots will have you reaching for more.


Orange zest, herbs, green apples, and apricots


  • 11.5%


  • 2019


  • Orange

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Lazio, Italy

le coste winemaker lazio italy

The Producer

About Le Coste

Le Coste is a stunning patchwork of vineyards sloping down to lake Bolsena just North of Rome. From a climatic viewpoint it is a near perfect place to grow healthy grapes for wine: the balm of central Italy cooled by the Lake, vines at high elevation in porous volcanic soils, and a lovely mix of fruits, herbs, and olive trees growing between the rows. When Gianmarco and Clementine, the couple who oversee the domaine, first heard of a vineyard for sale at the top of the Lago's cascading North side, they jumped at the opportunity and over the past decade have collected around 8 hectares beneath that now famous site, Le Coste. Clem and GM are a proper power couple in the community of grower-producers throughout central Italy. She is an immensely talented agronomist and takes care of the vines by hand with select biodynamic practices and an overall holistic approach to biodiversity; no need for Msr. Joly's Powerpoint presentations. Gianmarco is a hotheaded, brilliant cellar master with a skeptical perspective sharply hewn after time spent with greats in France like Allemand and Schueller. Their cellar in downtown Gradoli has the feel of a serious Burgundy house rather than some countryside cantina, with wines from nearly every harvest since they started going through the motions until ready in old barrique and botti. - El Rancho