Tutto Anfora Rosso 2019

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A slight effervesence at first on the palate. Elegant notes of red fruit such as strawberry, cherry, plum, and also blackcurrant. Velvety, smooth tannins. If you've had the Rosso Carbo by Lammidia before, this is similar yet way bolder and deeper! A great red!

Funky and earthy yet super fruity!


  • 12.5%


  • 2018


  • Red

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Barbecue, Pizza, Charcuterie



Funky Scale

Mostly Funky


Abruzzo, Italy

lammidia winemaker

The Producer

About Lammidia

Davide Gentile and Marco Giuliani were childhood friends in Abruzzo, then lost touch. When they found each other again after university, it was with a shared passion for wine, so they decided to try their hands at making it together. Since the beginning of their project, they’ve approached it with a love of both natural winemaking and avid experimentation. They’ve never trained at a formal wine academy, and they don’t rely on agronomists or oenologists. They have learned by trial and error in the vineyards and cellars. In fact, their first fermentation in 2010 was such a disaster that they called in an expert grandma, virtuosa at getting rid of the evil eye, to perform a ritual over their grapes. Apparently it worked, and Lammidia (“evil eye” in Abruzzese dialect) was born. - From Cream Wine