Nouveau Nez 2021

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A golden straw natural sparkling wine with ripe stone fruit flavors, mousiness, bright acidity, and a smooth creamy finish.


Apples, brioche, hazelnut, almonds, and lime


  • 12.5


  • 2021


  • Sparkling

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Funky Scale

Middle of the Road


Loire Valley, France


The Producer

About La Grange Tiphaine

When Damien took over in 2002, at only 22 years old, he started right away to reduce the chemicals used in the vineyard, encouraged by his experience and exchanges with other winemakers in his belief that there was another way of working with the soil, “like using homeopathics instead of antibiotics for humans”. Starting with herbicides and progressively eschewing all systemic chemicals, they’ve been working fully organic since 2005. (The official certification came in 2008, prompted by Coralie; since 2014 the winery is also certified biodynamic by Biodyvin.) Native fermentation? Of course, helped by the use of the same concrete tank for starting all the fermentations, to avoid slow fermentations and the risk of the acetaldehyde notes they might cause. Fining? Never. Filtration? Yes, lightly through a layer of mineral diatomite (terre diatomé or kieselguhr) for the dry wines, in order to get the desired brightness of the reds and purity of the whites. (Wines with residual sugar undergo a sterile filtration which avoids using a high amount of SO2 to protect them.) Openness, consistency, neat work and dedication to community… these are veryfair wines indeed. And delicious, above all. - Jenny & Francois