Moschomavro Pella Red 2020

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An exceptional Greek natural red wine made from Moschomavro with vibrant dark berry fruit flavors, subtle and sweet floral aroma, hints of spice, balanced acidity, and a lingering finish. 


Black cherry, plum, violets, and pepper.


  • 12.5%


  • 2020


  • Red

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Tzatziki with Grilled Pita, Moussaka with Grilled Lamb Chops, Baklava with Gruyère



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Middle of the Road


Macedonia, Greece

The Producer

About Ktima Ligas

In the heart of Macedonia, Greece, Pella Winery embraces a rich history intertwined with the art of winemaking. With ancient mosaics illustrating a divine connection to the god of wine, the region's commitment to viticulture is palpable. Thomas Ligas, a French-trained oenologist, found his way to Pella in 1985, driven by a desire to explore traditional winemaking methods and the local ecosystem. Surrounded by abundant sunlight, nutrient-rich soils, and a commitment to organic farming, Ligas, along with his children, cultivates indigenous Greek grape varieties like Roditis, Assyrtiko, Kydonitsa, Xinomavro, and Limniona. The family's modern winery facilitates optimal grape processing and controlled fermentation, all while minimizing intervention. Embracing spontaneity, natural processes, and minimal sulfur usage, Ligas wines stand as a testament to Greece's winemaking legacy and the Ligas family's dedication to authenticity.