Olaszrizling 2020

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An elegant and complex white with a touch of wood gives it a lovely spiciness, florals, and tropical fruits.


Green apple, lemon, apricot and almond blossom.


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  • 2020


  • White

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Summer Salads, Picnics, Shellfish

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Mostly Classic



The Producer

About Krisztina Csetvei

Krisztina Csetvei was born near Szabadka in 1983 (Subotica, a Hungarian-speaking town in Serbia) before relocating to Budapest with her family during her childhood.

At the Technical University in Hungary, Krisztina pursued studies in marketing and management. In 2006, during a practical training stint, she ventured into the then-newly established Béres Winery in Tokaj. A Christmas gift from the Béres family—a voucher for a WSET course—proved to be a turning point. Passing the course ignited Krisztina's passion for wines, prompting her to delve into systematic tasting and explore the art of food and wine pairing.

About the Region


Somló, nestled in the heart of Hungary, produces natural wines that reflect the region's unique volcanic terroir and centuries-old winemaking tradition. Perched atop an ancient volcano, Somló's vineyards benefit from mineral-rich soils and a continental climate, with cool nights and warm days. Here, winemakers embrace sustainable farming practices and minimal intervention in the cellar, allowing the true expression of the fruit and the land to shine through. Indigenous grape varieties such as Furmint, Hárslevelű, and Juhfark thrive in this rugged landscape, yielding wines of exceptional purity and complexity. From aromatic and mineral-driven whites to bold and expressive reds, Somló's natural wines capture the essence of the region's volcanic terroir and cultural heritage, inviting drinkers to experience the true essence of Hungarian winemaking with each sip.

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