Le Petit Tetu Bourgogne White 2020

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An easy-drinking natural white Burgundy with citrus fruit flavors, hint of butter and cream, bright acidity, and a long finish with a small grip!


Green apples, peaches, lemons, and vanilla


  • 12%


  • 2020


  • White

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Burgundy, France

The Producer

About Jean-Marie Berrux

"Jean-Marie grew up in the countryside of the Alp’s region of Savoie, but a career in advertising brought him to Paris where he worked for several years. In 1999, he decided to leave the city behind and pursue a degree in oenology from university in Beaune. After graduation, he began working for other winemakers and was fortunate enough to eventually acquire 1.5ha of vines on clay soil at the base of Puligny-Montrachet!" - Zev Rovine

About the Region

Burgundy, France

Natural wine production in Burgundy, France, encapsulates a reverence for tradition and a commitment to environmental stewardship. Nestled amidst the storied vineyards of the Côte d'Or, natural winemakers in Burgundy embrace sustainable viticultural practices and minimalist intervention in the cellar. Here, the noble Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grape varieties reign supreme, their expressions shaped by the region's famed limestone soils and cool continental climate. In the pursuit of authenticity, these winemakers eschew synthetic pesticides and herbicides, opting instead for organic or biodynamic farming methods. Native yeast fermentation and low sulfur usage are hallmarks of Burgundy's natural wine movement, resulting in wines of purity, complexity, and finesse. On the palate, Burgundian natural wines exhibit a harmony of fruit, earth, and minerality, with a profound sense of terroir. Whether enjoyed in their youth or aged to reveal additional layers of nuance, these wines offer a genuine reflection of Burgundy's winemaking heritage and a testament to the enduring allure of low-intervention viticulture.

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