Man Grey Suit 2021

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A bright ruby-colored natural wine with red and black fruit aromas, notes of purple floral scents, easy-drinking tannins but a firm grip on the finish!


Blackcurrants, cherries, violets and jasmine floral notes!


  • 13.1%


  • 2021


  • Red

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The Producer

About Hollow Wines

Winemaker: Quinn Hobbs Hollow Wines is a newish natty California project from Woodson “Quinn” Hobbs, who grew up in Portola Valley, with his Aussie wife Alison and their daughter Mina. They currently live in LA but make the wine in Gilroy, sourcing fruit from organic vineyards up and down the state. Quinn not only has the Midas touch with wine, he's also getting his PhD in global leadership and change so that he can help other wineries produce low-carbon wine that’s better for the planet and the people. To that end, Hobbs requires fruit sources to be organic. If you use Roundup anywhere on the property, it's a firm no-go. “Roundup is a disaster for this planet,” he says. He considers himself a practitioner of No B.S. winemaking, which he equates to minimal intervention and using wild yeast with no adds other than some sulfur. Some might call it natural winemaking, but he prefers to say “simply good wine making.”