Bubbles 2019

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The most adorable bubbles from Roesler and Blauburgunder! Has some brett and lots of juicy berries!

Berry friendly with notes of blueberry, blackberry, and raspberry!


  • 11%


  • 2019


  • Red

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Barbecue, Pizza, Charcuterie


Rösler, Gindl Rot

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Weinviertel, Austria

gindl vineyard

The Producer

About Gindl

When Michael Gindl, born 1983, finished agricultural school in 2002, it was already clear to him that he wanted to run the farm that his family has owned since 1807. This farm has always practiced mixed agriculture with crops, livestock, forestry, and wine. After the early death of his grandfather, Michael’s mother managed the farm because his father worked as a food inspector. Michael at that time (during his school years) took over the responsibility for vinification. Michael simultaneously began his orientation towards biodynamic methods; today the farm is certified biodyamic. Highland cattle have been bred since 2012. Horses work the vineyards and the wheat fields. Breton Dwarf sheep graze the vineyards. There are also chickens, goats, pigs and a few dogs. To preserve the individuality and genuineness obtained in the vineyards, the grapes are pressed very gently, rarely racked, and fermented spontaneously without any use of selected yeast or temperature control. Michael Gindl expounds, “I really try to do as little as possible – in fact nothing! The wines remain on the lees for a very long time and get a small dose of sulphur only shortly before bottling. My aim is to use more wooden barrels and less steel tanks in the future.” It is interesting to know that the barrels in his cellar are made from acacia and oak from his own forests. - Cream Wine.