Cotes d`Auxerre Bourgogne Red 2019

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A natural Burgundy red wine with forest fruit flavors, earthy notes, and silky tannins!


Cranberries, raspberries, oak, and vanilla!


  • 13


  • 2019


  • Red

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Burgundy, France

Cotes d`Auxerre Bourgogne Red Francois de Nicolay natural red wine Burgundy France back

The Producer

About Francois de Nicolay

"We wanted to expand the effort beyond Chandon de Briailles, so came to be the Maison de Nicolay project. We purchase whole grapes and un-fermented grape juice from neighboring vineyards who are certified biodynamic or in the process. After inspecting the grapes during veraison and harvest, we make a selection that can support elevage without added sulphur or yeasts- wines from pure grape must. The grapes ferment and mature in our Savigny Les Beaune cellar (a very old cave), without pumpover, filtration, or sulfur and are bottled by hand via the “chevre a deux becs” method. In this way we are able to preserve the wine’s freshness and allow the terroir to express itself clearly." - Zev Rovine